Ask Me Cuties   I love Rocky Lynch & Pizza.

Pass Me By Acoustic - Clevver TV

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how do the lynch kids do anything private like watch porn or hide dead bodies or masturbate without another lynch kid walking in on them

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Matty were going to Disneyland.


Matty were going to Disneyland.

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oh my god ross you don’t even know

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once in the 4th grade this guy got a 2% on his math quiz so everyone called him milk for the rest of the year 

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"Just being together with my family and Ratliff, performing every night for the R5Family, getting the giggles with the boys and making amazing memories is what I love the most about touring." - Rydel

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you know how when you go to a concert or show of some sort and the person on stage is like “HOW’S EVERYONE DOING TONIGHT?!?!?!?!” and the audience cheers back? why? you’re not answering the question, you’re just yelling. imagine if we did that in daily conversation. “hey jeff, how are ya?” and jeff just starts screaming and clapping in your face

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Tell everyone!




Tell your parrot

Tell Miley

or even your girlfriend

Your girlfriend that happens to have a banging banana figurine😂👌


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